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We Ningbo Zhongdi Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of soldering iron, temperature controlled soldering station, desoldering pump, glue gun, magnifying lamp, electric tool kits etc. Established in 1994, we have been in this industry more than 25 years with certification/conform of CE, EMC, TUV, RoHS and GS.


Thanks to the persistent adhering to the belief of “ Quality Excellent, Customer First, Intensify Management, Surpass Best”, we have been able to develop ourselves into an enterprise covering area of 10000 square meter, with annual yield of 10 million US$, exporting to over 50 countries.

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  • Tools to Simplify Desoldering and Maintenance

    Mistakes and component replacements necessitate desoldering, for which two primary tools are essential: the solder sucker and the desoldering wire. The solder sucker, a vacuum desoldering pump, efficiently removes large amounts of solder. Heating the joint to liquefy the solder, then using the sucker to remove it, is straightforward and effective. For smaller amounts of solder, the desoldering wire, made of copper threads, is ideal. It excels at eliminating solder bridges and leftover solder on larger joints. Tweezers are invaluable for holding components and preventing burns during solde...

  • Essential Soldering Tools for Beginners

    To begin soldering, you need a soldering iron and some solder wire. These basics are sufficient to start most projects. An affordable soldering iron (mica heater) with high quality, available for under USD2, can cater to beginner needs. As skills progress, investing in a more advanced soldering iron (ceramic heater) might be beneficial. Beyond the basics, a few extra tools can simplify the process. A wire cutter is handy for trimming component legs and stripping wires. Budget options are usually adequate. For those who prefer a different approach, wire strippers are also useful. These addi...

  • New Product Release: ZD-8965 Temperature Controlled Desoldering Station

    A new temperature controlled desoldering station, adjustable from 160˚C to 480˚C, has been launched. It features an LED display showing both set and actual tip temperatures. Designed for economical use with lead-free solders, the station includes an ergonomic pistol grip head with a trigger for rapid solder removal, and comes with a desoldering gun and holder. The micro-processor-controlled unit ensures precise temperature regulation, thanks to its high-quality sensor and heat exchange system. This design, ideal for lead-free production techniques, offers superior thermal performance. The 1...